Our Group Classes

We run relationship-building and basic obedience classes for all ages of dogs, as well as specialized classes to help students with specific interests.

Building the Bond

In order to train your dog, he must be engaged with you: he must want to be with you, want what you have, be focused on you. In this Foundational Basic Obedience class, students will learn how to create that level of engagement and build a bond that will last a lifetime. At the same time, students will put in place the foundation for two key skills: coming when called and walking on a loose leash.

Fee: 4 weeks — $125

Good Dog! 

Following on from Building the Bond, in this basic obedience class students will continue to work on training their dogs in recall and loose leash walking, as well as learning how to train for sit, lie down, stay, and leave it.

Pre-Requisite: Building the Bond

Fee: 4 weeks — $100

Distraction Training

Sure, your dog knows to sit in the living room, and come when called in the backyard. But what about when he's at the park? This 5-week course will help you train your dog to obey your commands regardless of where he is, and what else is around to distract him.

Pre-Requisite: Your dog must know sit, down, stay, and come

Fee: 5 weeks — $150

Walking Well Clinic

Teaching a dog to walk on a loose leash can be a frustrating experience for many owners. Dogs like to pull to get to where they're going, without regard to the person on the other end of the leash who is being dragged unwillingly down the street. In this 3 week course, we help you train your dog to walk well, without pulling or lunging.

Fee: 3 weeks — $75

Moving On

This course, offered in the warm weather months, is for students who have completed a basic obedience course but need more experience walking their dog on a loose leash and dealing with the various social interactions of everyday life.

Fee: 4 weeks — $80

Moving On
Happy Dogs - Happy Owners - Moving On


Obedience for Agility Dogs

Dogs who participate in the great sport of agility need some extra skills. They need to be able to focus on the course they are running, keep an eye and ear on their handler, and respond immediately to any verbal or positional cue while blocking out all distractions. This course helps dogs develop those skills.

Fee: 4 weeks — $125

Recall Clinic

The Recall is the most important command you can teach your dog. It can save your dog's life. If your dog only comes most of the time and not all of the time, then you need to work on this command. This workshop, which is run in 3 phases for a total of 4 hours, will help you train your dog to want to come when called.

Fee: 4 hours — $125

General Information About Our Classes

We use ordinary flat collars and, where appropriate, prong collars — no choke chains, gentle leaders or harnesses. We also require that students use 6-foot flat leashes, not flexis. (Hotdiggity Dog keeps a small inventory of leather leashes for sale to students.)

We train using mainly positive reinforcement and so we ask our students to bring a lot of very small, soft treats to class, as well as a toy that the dog likes (or has the potential to be liked!).

During the warm weather months we hold our classes outdoors in local parks. In the cold weather we teach in a private horse arena on Dunrobin Road.

Refund Policy: We now require prepayment for all courses. In the event that you have to withdraw from a course, we require 48 hours notice. Payment will then be refunded minus an administration fee of $20.  There are no refunds with less than 48 hours notice.

Covid-19 Precautions:   While we are still dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing will be in effect in all Hotdiggity Dog Classes.  If the instructor has to work with a dog, she will attach her own leash.  If the instructor has to approach a student, she will wear a mask.

Contact us for the class schedule.

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